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Unformatted text preview: Question 1 1 of 1 points Without decomposers and detritus feeders in an ecosystem Selected Answer: all of these Question 2 1 of 1 points A spider that feeds on an aphid that in turn feeds on germinating blades of wheat would belong to what consumer category? Selected Answer: secondary consumer Question 3 1 of 1 points Which of the following materials cycle through an ecosystem: 1) carbon, 2) nitrogen, 3) oxygen, 4) water, and 5) energy? Selected Answer: 1 through 4 Question 4 1 of 1 points How is nitrogen released back to the atmosphere once it has been incorporated into the body of an organism? Selected Answer: by decomposers and denitrifying bacteria Question 5 1 of 1 points In the carbon cycle, carbon (C) is returned to the atmosphere by __________. Selected Answer: The third and fourth answers are both correct. Question 6 1 of 1 points Of the following trophic levels, which would support the fewest organisms? Selected Answer: tertiary consumer Question 7 1 of 1 points Which of the following are heterotrophic? Selected Answer: The second, third, and fourth answers are all correct. Question 8 1 of 1 points If a field contains approximately 1000 kilocalories of energy in grass, which is eaten by crickets, which are eaten by birds, approximately how many kilocalories of energy could be in the birds which live in this field? Selected Answer: 10 Question 9 1 of 1 points A carnivorous plant, such as a sundew, can be considered a ________ when it eats a predaceous spider. Selected Answer: tertiary consumer and a producer ...
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