Lab 5- an exp on density

Lab 5- an exp on density - solution is water and salt. Q4....

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Sean Andrew Logan 15 October 2007 Lab 5- An Experiment on Density PHY110 (Lab) Tue. 11am Q1. The freezing point of our “antifreeze” is ~-33ºF. Q2. To measure the density of the “antifreeze” first we zeroed the scale with the beaker and then added 100ml of the solution to it and got the mass of 102.4g. we then plugged this data into the formula for density, D=m/v, 102.4g/100ml=1.024g/cm³. Q3. A possible source of error is human error (incorrect measurement.) I think our measurement is accurate given the fact that the density of water is 1, and this
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Unformatted text preview: solution is water and salt. Q4. I set up a proportion: 133/100=100/x and got 7.5 or 75% of water to 25% of solution. Q5. (A) The new freeze point is 2F. (B) Slightly more (less than 5ml) of solution added to the mix would probably bring the freezing point down to 0F. Q6. (A) The fluid expanded. (B) It means that the density went down. Q7. Q8. Rip current. EC. The Flock would surrculate and seal any small holes....
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