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Jocelyn Thompson HPHI 302 Romano Commentary 3 Taste is a reflective experience of our own personal lives. We are incapable of measuring our external or objective taste. This idea is relatable to any circumstance, not just art. While some tastes are more reflective than others are, they are all dependent on one single thing: personal experience. Personal experience is the driving force to any form of reflection. How one views a so- called object is shaped through their life experiences. For instance, if a child grows up traveling they will have a better sense of cultures and thus a better understanding and appreciation of a specific artwork. On the other hand, a child who is kept relatively sheltered will not be able to appreciate and accept certain pieces of artwork. All taste is independent from one person to the next. What stimulates one mind may frustrate the next. This stimulus of the senses is caused subconsciously and in no way can be helped by the person in question. For example, an eighty- year-old woman, brought up in a world of racism and bigotry, will still be biased in an age where there is no racism. The views and beliefs of her youth have been embedded into her subconscious; the same is true for ones taste in art. At a certain age, normally associated with the mid-twenties, humans have set their tastes, their likes and dislikes for artwork, music, and dramatized productions. This subconscious taste tends to stay with most humans throughout the rest of their lives; however, it can be affected by major life changing events.
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Commentary 3 - Jocelyn Thompson HPHI 302 Romano Commentary...

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