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Medical systems presentation

Medical systems presentation - Anthropology in relation to...

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Anthropology in relation to Biomedicine o It’s a difference between “clinically applied” and “critical” medical anthropology o Clinically applied -“macro-structural questions, the role of power in social life, and the way in which biomedicine is culturally constructed” o Critically – “explicit culture in non-culture terms” , it avoids economic or political forms of explanation Biomedicine as a cultural system o What is a cultural system Can be best understood in their capacity to express the nature of the world and to shape that world to their dimensions. Ex: Religion is a cultural system that uses symbols to show an image of a genuine order of the world. Biomedicine is generally believed to operate in the realm of facts o Biomedicine as a cultural system is the discovery of strategies that will make visible its nature. Language of disease o Before 1800 disease were divided into families and species, being related to one another. They were related more to one another than to the body.
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