2-4-08 - Siblings (full) 0.5 Uncle/niece/nephew: 0.25...

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Anth-200 (2/4/08) Individual vs. Group selection Darwinian selection o What matters in life, organism attempts to enhance its fitness at all costs. o Natural selection and sexual selection are parallel forces. Individual selection (Darwin 1859, GC Williams 1966): Animals do not behave for the good of the group or the good of the species – apparent altruism is really just the byproduct of selfish behavior. Group selection: animals actively behave in ways that help the group; e.g., when overpopulated, they limit their reproduction – lemmings, antelopes Level of selection o Proximate – how things work? o Ultimate: why things are the way they are? Inclusive fitness/kin selection o Inclusive fitness – one’s own fitness plus the fitness of one’s close kin. o Kin selection: Coefficient of relatedness Parents – offspring: 0.5
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Unformatted text preview: Siblings (full) 0.5 Uncle/niece/nephew: 0.25 Grandparents, grandchild: 0.25 First cousin: 0.125 Parent-offspring conflict o Mother fetus conflict o Weaning conflict Tempo and mode in Evolution Reductionism vs. holism: adaptationism examined. o Reductionism: the way the science is done Trying to understand by takings things apart. Taking the car apart o Holism Gould and Eldredge the spandrels of San Marcos Linnean Nomenclature 1. Kingdom 2. Phylum (subphylum) 3. Class 4. Order (suborder) 5. Family (superfamily, subfamily) 6. Genus 7. Species (Subspecies) Primate species alive today: 250(?) Species of living mammals : 4,500 Species of birds: 11,000 Total species on earth today: 5 -10 million Total species in earths history: 5 billion....
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2-4-08 - Siblings (full) 0.5 Uncle/niece/nephew: 0.25...

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