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Laura Allen Dr. Claggett EN 4653 27 March 2008 Volume 1 of Lady Audley’s Secret When given the assignment to read and analyze Mary Elizabeth’s Braddon’s Lady Audley’s Secret , my mind wandered and thought of another time it had read the name “Audley” in the past. Because I have never read this book, I was at first perplexed by this, but upon further thought I realized I was remembering Tennyson’s poem “Audley Court,” which I read while still studying in high school. Upon a review of the poem itself, there seems to be a heavy comparison between these two works in regard to the opening chapters and their construction of the setting. In the fourth chapter of Lady Audley’s Secret , George returns from Australia and immediately meets with his friend Robert and they soon set off to visit Robert’s uncle at Audley Court. This echoes Tennyson’s “Audley Court” when Francis “just alighted from the boat/ and breathing the
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Unformatted text preview: sea” meets his friend (line 7). The two men then journey from the village to the old and deserted Audley court. In Tennyson’s poem, the court is depicted with great age with “walls/ And chimneys muffled in the leafy vine” (lines 18-19). Braddon’s Audley Court is very similar, described as very old, and very irregular and rambling” (1). The walls of Braddon’s Audley Court are as muffled as Tennyson’s, being “everywhere overgrown with trailing ivy” (1). While these similarities may provide no true contrast in the future plot development of the story, there is a chance, due to this abundance of similarities, that Braddon intended for references to be made to Tennyson’s poem through scenery and perhaps later, through plot....
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