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Research Paper 2

Research Paper 2 - David Tufft Research Paper 2 Lance...

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David Tufft Research Paper 2 Lance Armstrong- Every Second Counts Physiological Aging Lance Armstrong successfully recovered from cancer in 1999, although cancer is extremely serious and life threatening it is not proven to reduce life span or speed up the aging process. He is possibly the fittest man on the planet, eats healthy, doesn’t drink or smoke; because of the cancer he had, he now has a very different outlook on life and tries to live every day to its fullest. This combination of factors will definitely help to living a long healthy life and also improves chances of having better quality of health later in life especially if aspects of this lifestyle are maintained. Health and Body Systems Having cancer greatly affected Lance’s body systems, a combination of the stress and the chemotherapy will have taken a toll. However the damage shouldn’t be permanent, this means in the long term it shouldn’t have adverse affects. Especially because of the lifestyle he has lead. Being one of the fittest athletes in the world, he lives an extremely healthy lifestyle and this will have great benefits if he maintains this lifestyle. As he ages, some of the effects can be delayed because of how fit he is, he should be free of such
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things as cardiovascular disease and other heart problems, high cholesterol and also high blood pressure, these are the advantages of staying in top shape. Memory Throughout the book he talks about his experiences as a child, right up to the present time, and how these experiences have shaped and helped him. One he specifically recalls is during his second Tour de France win. He had made a big mistake by riding straight through a food stop, and was in danger of losing the entire race on one very dangerous stage. He recalls a memory during his 3 rd cycle of chemotherapy; he was very ill and trying to ride his bike against doctor’s orders. He went with two of his friends- who he would usually beat by a long way –however he could not keep up with them and was about to stop; until his closest friend said to him “ don’t you dare stop, you’ll regret it forever if you do!” He said these words were the only thing that kept him going on that mountain. He also talks about having flashback memories whenever he is in a hospital, he
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