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David Tufft Research Paper Physiological Aging In this article the writer talks about the different books concerning Physiological Aging. He talks about the physical changes that occur as we get older, such as heart failure and other age related diseases. In the book ‘The Art of Aging’ it describes ways to prolong the effects of aging, these include avoid cigarettes, heavy boozing, keep mentally active, exercise more and eat better. Another area the article discusses is the affluence of medical advances and better diet. ‘The average life expectancy in America has gone from 47.3 years in 1900 to 77.9 years in 2004.’ It is also suggested that one day a normal biological age of 120 is possible. ( Good old days, Sara Fanelli: by Joseph Epstein, March 4, 2007) Health and Body Systems In this article the writer is discussing regenerative medicine, including the use of stem cell research. ‘Medicine has long made use of the body's own healing powers. Vaccines, for example, one of the oldest and most effective tools at the physician's disposal, work by priming the immune system. But regenerative medicine is not just more of the same. Its advocates aspire to a higher goal than traditional medicine: not just to patch up the body's failing systems, but to make them as good as new.’ It mentions how medical treatments today, help patients get along with failing hearts or arthritic joints but do not fix the problems. It is thought, in this article, regenerative medicine will provide new tissues in place of old or damaged tissues. Another area discussed is stem cell research, and it is thought that soon people will be lining up to receive this type of treatment. ''In a few months it will be clear that stem cells will regenerate tissues,'' Dr. McKay said. ''In two years, people will routinely be reconstituting liver, regenerating heart, routinely building pancreatic islets, routinely putting cells into brain that get incorporated into the normal circuitry. They will routinely be rebuilding all tissues.'' ( Teaching the Body to Heal Itself; work on cell’s signals, Fosters Talk of a New Medicine) (Nicholas Wade, November 7, 2000) Memory This article suggests that as people grow older their judgement, decision making skills and memory begin to decline. Even with someone of high intellect and good memory,
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David Tufft eventually the aging process will take its toll. Also in the article a study is referred to, where a gambling style test in which people draw from four different decks of cards. ‘Two decks, not to mince words, are for suckers. They give short-term rewards but long-
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Research Paper - David Tufft Research Paper Physiological...

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