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ADULT DEVELOPMENT AND AGING HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS Assignment #1 : (10 PTS) DUE JANUARY 16. Keep a pad of paper next to you during the next five television programs you watch so that you can monitor how men and women over the age of 65 (more less) are represented. Use simple codes to indicate what each person is doing, such as working at a job (W), at home (H), engaging in leisure activity (L), or performing an activity for other family members (F). In addition, observe the advertisements. How many are for older people? What are the contents of those advertisements – clothing, cosmetic, medical, etc? What ste reotypical and nonstereotypical examples do you note? Conclusions? Assignment #2: (15 pts) DUE FEBRUARY 22 Bring in one example of one of your personal creative accomplishments. Be prepared to do “show and tell.” This should be something that you’ve already done, not something that you do specifically for class. This does not have to be something academic – it can be anything that represents your creative or fun side. Explain how it ties into your own development. Assignment #3: (25 pts ) DUE MARCH 22 Describe your own family’s life cycle – from your perspective. Include information from your parents’ meeting through your birth as well as your perception of your own and your family’s development through the years. Include information regarding how your relationship with your parents has changed over the years. Such information could include your parents’ perspective as well as your own. Assignment #4: (25 pts)
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