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world lit 2 crit response essay

world lit 2 crit response essay - 1 Professor Nina Ha...

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1 Professor Nina Ha English 121-F 9 October 2006 A look back Throughout history, civilizations have been shown to parallel the same dilemmas and social conflicts that are seen in other cultures unlike themselves. One of the most basic social quarrels in today’s world is oppression. Children in third world countries, such as Cambodia, are constantly being treated as subordinates and forced to work in sweat shops. In Darfur, countless people are being killed by mass genocide for no reason, while the United States and other world powers stand by idly and wait for it to involve them somehow. Two of the most important past and present predicaments that we have conversed about in class are African slavery and the subjugation of women in the Middle East. In this essay, I will talk about both the anti-slavery writing that we have discussed in class, as well as the text that places slavery in a good light. I will also explain the situation in the Middle East where females are being oppressed because of their gender. I feel that injustice is running rampant throughout this world because slavery, which was completely abolished almost a century ago in the United States, has been replaced by the dominate Almost everyone in today’s society would agree that slavery is wrong and immoral. The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano , a slave narrative written by Olaudah Equiano himself in 1789, depicts the long and arduous journey that was Equiano’s life. He was plucked from his homeland as a kid and taken across the Atlantic Ocean to a completely different environment. Regarding being captured, Equiano says “One day, when all our people were gone out to their works as usual, and only I and my dear sister were left to mind the house, two men
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2 and a woman got over our walls, and in a moment seized us both, and, without giving us time to cry out, or make resistance, they stopped our mouths, and ran off with us into the nearest wood” (Crawford 418). I can’t even comprehend what I’d be feeling if I was suddenly kidnapped from my family and friends and taken to a strange location with strange people unlike myself. It’s appalling to think that the slave traders would put children through all of this, and on top of that, make them work all day when they arrived in the new land. Equiano goes on to say that “The next day proved a day of greater sorrow than I had yet experienced; for my sister and I were then separated, while we lay clasped in each other’s arms. It was in vain that we besought them not to part us; she was torn from me, and I immediately carried away, while I was left in a state of distraction not to be described” (419). The citation affirms the inhumanity of Equiano’s captors.
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world lit 2 crit response essay - 1 Professor Nina Ha...

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