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Asian History Exam 1 Study Guide - SECTION 1 Discuss the...

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SECTION 1 Discuss the cause, basic tenets and spread of Buddhism 1. Causes a. Buddhism was founded around 500 BC. b. At the age of 29, the Buddha (a Hindu Prince) ventured out of the walls and discovered the misery and evil of the real world. He was upset and took a sojourn into the wilderness. After a long stay, he found truth and the path to happiness. He had become enlightened (Buddha- the enlightened one). c. There was a search for the reasons why there was such conflict in monsoon Asia. Buddhists argued that Hinduism had become too formal and ritual. They thought the Brahmin class was too domineering. The solution was that access to the truths and to the Gods didn’t have to go through the Brahmins. These could be found through self denial and meditation. Thus, there would be no need for the ritual of the priestly class. They wanted to eliminate the caste system. Suggests a move towards monotheism. 2. Beliefs a. Truths i. Life is filled with pain and sorrow, and this is caused by desire. ii. You can end this desire by following the Eight Fold Path. iii. If you are successful, you can terminate the cycle of rebirth and achieving nirvana (moksha). 3. Spread a. Buddhism spread through missionary work. It remained a minor religion for about 2 centuries. At about 200 BC, it began to spread everywhere. b. Two Schools developed i. Theravada- emphasized good acts. If you wanted to improve your chances in the next life, you could give money to a temple and practice kindness. This version spread to South East Asia. Buddha was a prophet in this school. ii. Mahayana- the greater vehicle. 100-200 AD. The more catholic version. Buddha rises to become a God. This type of Buddhism formed many cults. This spread to Tibet and into China, Korea, and Japan. This school had a bodily heaven like Christianity. Discuss the cause, basic tenets and spread of Confucianism
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1. Cause a. Confucianism was founded around 500 BC. b. During Confucius’ time, there was nothing but conflict c. Confucius, a well educated prodigy, tried to come up with a remedy. i. Confucius came up with a social hierarchical system to end conflict d. Mencius i. He wrote the interpretation of Confucius’ ideas to fit his own ideas. ii. It was a system of strict social hierarchy. a. Females- Younger Brothers- Elder Brothers- Fathers- Clan Patriarchs- Officials- Rulers (Lowest to highest) iii. Both Confucius and Mecius believed people were born inclined to goodness. 1. The problem was that if you weren’t taught what the virtuous path was, then you might act another way. (Stressed the importance of education) 2. Beliefs a. Confucism was extremely conservative. i. He was attempting to set up a system of obedience, which is not liberal at all. b.
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Asian History Exam 1 Study Guide - SECTION 1 Discuss the...

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