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first section of notes for blaw

first section of notes for blaw - Chap 1 boulder case o 2...

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Chap 1 - boulder case o 2 family’s curlian’s own lot and mcclains (judge and lawyer both retired o Adverse possession law Centuries old If you occupy someone else’s property uninterrupted for 18 years and never asked to leave, you then own it The McClain’s sued and won and the Curlain’s lost about 1/3 of their property which probably worth to a couple hundred thousand and then the McClain’s are suing for their legal fees - Law o Enforceable rules o Governing relationships - Jurisprudence o The study of different schools of legal philosophy - The natural law theory o Government and legal system should reflect universal moral and ethical principles o Positive law (legal positivism) The legal written law of society at a particular point in time o Historical school Concentrates on the origin and history of legal system looks to the past to determine laws for the present - legal realism o judges should take economic and social realities into account o influenced the Sociological School law is a tool for promoting justice o civil rights act 1968, title 9, and title 7 o roe v wade women’s right to abortion - primary source of US law o constitutional law o statutory law – enacted by government o administrative law o common law - constitution o establishes governmental structure o allocates power among branches o specifies rights and liberties of the people o restricts powers of the government - statutes (piece law enacted by legislative body) o legislative law o
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