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Speech Topic: Education Hola, me llamo Brittany Lewis y hoy hablaré acerca de la educación. Now, most of you do not have the faintest idea on what I said, yet within the United States Spanish is the most common language second to English and the ever-growing minority of U.S. Hispanics currently makes up about fifteen percent of the population. Not only does the vast majority of U.S. only speak but one language, and many even show difficulty in speaking their own. Articulation problems, semantics errors, and slang are heard frequently from all classes of Americans, whether highly-educated or not. These troubles stem from the typical language acquisition within the U.S. Generally, children learn their languages from their parents by the time their five, and the same errors in speech their parents have had through their own lives are then passed onto their children. Furthermore, a child’s brain is more absorbent to language acquisition during these early years, and those households who only speak English are typically destined to have children who will never fully acquire a second language.
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