Judaism - napodaca@unm.edu Judaism - A western covenantal...

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napodaca@unm.edu Judaism - A western covenantal monotheism, with two major historical periods; - Biblical Judaism (1800BCE- 70 BCE) - Rabbinical Judaism (70 CE-the present) Started out as polytheistic then evolved into a monotheistic religion Historical religious tradition; understanding history is key On exam, the history dates, and events are the most important. Biblical Judaism: - A ceremonial, temple-based religion - Emphasis on sacrifice, ritual Major Dates: - 1800 BCE: Abraham and the first covenant with Semitic peoples. God gives Zion/Land of Canaan to Abraham and descendants - 1250 BCE: Exodus from Egypt, Moses & the Sinai event, the giving of the Law - 1000 BCE: founding in Jerusalem building of 1rst temple. - 586 BCE: destruction of the first temple, the Babylonian Captivity - 515 BCE: 2 nd temple built, Zoroastrian influences - 70 CE: Destruction of the second temple, beginnings of Diaspora, end of biblical period. No actual historical evidence of the early happening in Jewish history. The Hebrew Bible: The TANAK - Final form 200BCE, with 3 main sections 1. The Torah (‘teachings’): 1rst 5 books of the bible. The sacred core of Hebrew scripture; history and cosmology - five books of the bible: genesis, exodus, Leviticus, numbers, Deuteronomy 2. The Nevi’im (‘prophets’): more historical writings, sacred visions, moral teachings. 3. The
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Judaism - napodaca@unm.edu Judaism - A western covenantal...

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