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Danjczek 1 Peter Danjczek Professor Kimmet English 101 – 078 8 November 2007 Mixed Martial Arts: Jujitsu vs. Muay Thai The popular and mainstream sports of the present day all seem to emphasize the need to be the fastest, strongest, and most athletic. However, MMA, mixed martial arts, emphasizes technique over all else, it is an art of fighting. In MMA, a smaller, weaker fighter can defeat a much larger opponent with the use of superior technique. The two most popular and successful types of martial arts that are used in MMA are Jujitsu and Muay Thai. Jujitsu focuses on the ground fight where as Muay Thai focuses on striking. Although both are used together in the world of mixed martial arts, the question which is most appealing is one that I will address in this essay. Jujitsu is a martial art that emphasizes the ground fight. It teaches fighters what to do when being punched, kicked, taken down, how to do a take down, and what proper techniques to use while on the ground. As over 90 percent of all fights end up on the ground, Jujitsu is one of the most practical fighting styles to learn for in and out of competition. Jujitsu is a fighting style that uses strategy.
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Comparison Paper - Danjczek 1 Peter Danjczek Professor...

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