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notes for norse

notes for norse - Niflheim(north very old and icy realm of...

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- Niflheim (north) very old and icy; realm of the dead. - Muspell (guarded by Surt) - it is this place down south that nothing can live if it wasn’t born there. Pretty much hell. Surt is a demon/god - Ginnungagap – temp is in between; beings arise from condensation here called “Ymir”; Ymir-frost giant beings that inhibited Utgard (giants); he doesn’t need a mate to procreate (uses his feet and armpits) Self fertile so he becomes the ancestor of the giants - Aubbmula (cow)- produced milk which Ymir used as food; she likes the ice (salt) that was enough nourishment for her to produce the milk; - Buri (proto god) was produced from cow licking the ice - Bor- son of Buri - Bestla- wife of Bor had three sons - Three sons: Oden, vile, and vey - The three sons kill Ymir and his body becomes the raw material of earth - Killing is the worst crime you could commit it is such a catastrophe that it ruins the entire balance of the world. - Most of the gods are descendents matralinity(word for moms side) from the giants - Normal for gods to mate with giantesses o If this happens the child is considered one of the gods o It is bad for goddesses to mate with giants o The male giants want the goddesses - loki (son of goddess giant) o catalyses for just about every bad thing that happens o he becomes the father of the three most famous monsters in history o hel is the daughter; half black and half flesh colored not to do with race but looks like black of a rotting corpse; rules over the realm of the dead o Fenrir; other son o Midgard Serpent; dragon or snake that is so huge and can circle around the earth and can bite its tale after circling the world - in the first killing of the world - center of the circle is Ashgard- gods; upper level of the 2 nd layer of the circle is Utgard- giants and underneath Utgard is Midgard- humans; outside layer is the ocean; and there is a bridge from midgard to asgard called Bufrost/Bilrost - Aesir – these are a group of gods - Vanir- the Vanes; these are a group of gods - These two groups started a war against each other because the Vanir show up in the realm of the Asgard - Gullveig/Heid- she is a witch and practices something called Seid - The Aesir don’t like her and try to kill her and she keeps coming back - She is a Vanir and they get pissed so they go to war - The war is a cats game so they agree to send each other hostages - The three people that get sent to the Aesir are Niord, Frey (Kvasir), and they say Frey’s sister is along for the ride called Freyja - oden is referred to as the lord of the slain
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- the valkyries chose warriors who will die in battle
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notes for norse - Niflheim(north very old and icy realm of...

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