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bell on Turkle - English 110 Effective Education bell hooks...

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10-11-06 English 110 Effective Education bell hooks and Sherry Turkle are educated women who are unhappy with the education system. hooks sees how class, particularly those of blacks, affects how educated a person is perceived and in turn how educated they really are. Turkle sees how people are restricted by the rules education has. Both women have problems with the “authority” of education. Both do not agree with the rules that seem to have been set up by education and in their essays suggest ways to change those rules. What would hooks say about Turkles’ essay? Would she say that Turkle isn’t going far enough to get her point across? With their similarities, hooks would agree with Turkles’ points but note the lack of personal experience in the essay. Turkle writes in the beginning of her essay of her “triumph” over the way her professor wanted a composition written; “I wrote my composition before my outline in order to survive, but in the process I came to think of my kind of writing as wrong”(Turkle 567). There’s no real wrong way to write an essay, people of course use different techniques that work with their style of writing. For Turkle to feel that the way that she’s writing was wrong, that it was cheating is ridiculous. hooks would undoubtedly applaud Turkle for “challenging [herself] to
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push against oppressive boundaries [to] make the radical alternative possible” (hooks 236). Turkle using the bits of paper to organize her composition is different than how her teachers wanted the compositions done. She pushed against the “boundary” that her teacher set up. However, hooks would not like that Turkle is feeling the pressure from the dominance of the educated to write a certain way. hooks would have liked if Turkle went up to her teacher and confronted
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bell on Turkle - English 110 Effective Education bell hooks...

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