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Anne Bronte Paper - 11-06-07Professor KingstoneEnglish...

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Unformatted text preview: 11-06-07Professor KingstoneEnglish 127WEvil on EarthAnne Bront lived a quiet, uneventful life, gaining any knowledge of the world through books and what people told her. Her deeply religious views impeded her chances of living a fulfilling life. The one person in her family who had any sort of excitement in their life was her brother. Anne learned and experience life vicariously through her brother although she suffered from his wild ways. However, she did gain an enticingly wicked character because of him. Its easy to see that Arthur Huntingdon is a flawed person and makes many foolish mistakes. Arthur is indeed all sorts of evil but not a monster. Helens aunt correctly foreshadows Arthurs character: prone to every vice that is common to youth (pg 136). Arthur Huntingdon in The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte is the physical manifestation of the seven deadly sins.The first of the seven deadly sins that Arthur exhibits is lust. There are many scenes in the novel that show just how lustful Arthur can be. When Helen and Arthur were at a small party Arthur found out that Helen was in love with him. When Helen attempts to retire for the night because of her embarrassment, Arthur sees this as his chance to secure Helens love while embarrassing her even further. It was a combination of lust and a want of power that he put his arm round [her] neck and kiss [her] (pg 157). When Arthur finds it prudent that he marry Helen, although he claims love, he almost forces himself upon Helen. He was squeezing [her] to death and she struggled to free [herself] from him and he then smothered [her] with kisses (pg 168). He is trying to overtake Helen and impose both his want to marry and his body onto her. Not soon after they have married Arthur tells Helen of a past lover. Although he says that he loves Helen more than he ever did Lady F, the fact that told Helen the entire story of his affair with Lady F is a sign as well as his defense for her. Arthur telling the whole story shows that he isnt ashamed of the affair; if he was he would have tried to forget about it. His defense of Lady F also shows that he might also be quite proud of it. He rationalizes the affair by saying that she had a doting old husband whom it was impossible to love (pg 209). Eight months into their marriage and Arthur and Helen have guest come over their house, the wife of the guest openly but not too glaringly coquetting with Mr. Huntingdon , who is quite willing to be her partner in the game (pg 209). Although Helen sees his flirting with another woman as him fulfilling his personal vanity, which it could be true, the question of why hes flirting with another woman is not answered. He has a wife, so where is the need to flirt? This certainly shows an almost voracious sexual appetite....
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Anne Bronte Paper - 11-06-07Professor KingstoneEnglish...

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