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Test Notes - Water balance and excretion

Test Notes - Water balance and excretion - Water balance...

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Water balance and excretion test notes Platyhelminthes The planarian: The planarian Dugesia is a common representative of class Turbellaria. Water balance is achieved by flame cells , found at the ends of the smallest gastrovascular cavity divisions. Planare receive oxygen and release carbon dioxide by diffusion . The excretory system is made of many tubes with many flame cells and excretory pores on them. Flame cells remove unwanted liquids from the body by passing them through ducts that lead to excretory pores where the waste is released on the dorsal surface of the planarian. Flame cells function like a kidney , removing waste materials. ** Through a system called protonephridia- consists of a network of tubules One end leads to excretory pore The other ends in the body, containing long cilia- flame cells Excess water and wastes enter the flame cell and is propelled through the tubules towards outside by the beating of the cilia.
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