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essay assignment 1 - Honors Composition 1 Essay Assignment...

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Unformatted text preview: Honors Composition 1: Essay Assignment 1. Fill in the blanks of this phrase and then write an illustration essay that forwards this thesis: Being__ is a experience for a young person. 1. For the blank spaces select words that reflect important aspects of your own experience. For example: a. Being lonely is a terrible experience for a young person. b. Being frightened is an unforgettable experience . . . c. Being loved is a vital experience for a young person. 2. Use the sentence you have completed as the thesis statement and then build an introduction around it. 3. Illustrate this thesis with at least three examples/illustrations drawn from your own experience. 9 g 4. Utilize narrative techniques. Use concrete sensory language and description. — 'Pe—OVC‘ ?OiNTlI f 5. Connect the illustrations in the essay directly to the thesis statement in all cases. __ Du Sept. 12 ...
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