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Micro 1/07S: History of Microbiology Handout I. Historical perspective began with advent of microscope A. Definition of Microbiology: 1. Size range a. viruses: 50-100 nm (10 -9 meter) b. bacteria: 1 μm (10 -6 m) to several mm. c. single celled protozoans and fungi: 100 μm to several mm d. multicellular fungi and worms (round and flat) B. Microbiology prior to microscope C. Advent of Microscopy: 1. Origin of the organisms a. Spontaneous Generation or Abiogensis 2. New theory:
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Unformatted text preview: Biogenesis or Cell theory : a. Redi Experiments to refute spontaneous generation b. Pasteur (Father of Microbiology): proposed Germ Theory 3. Correlation of disease with Microorganism a. Robert Koch (1882) b. Koch’s Postulates : II. Advances in our Understanding and Prevention of Infectious Diseases. A. Microscope: 1. Janssen 2. Hooke 3. Leeuwenhoek B. Semmelweis C. Lister : D. Nightingale E. Snow F. Jenner G. Ehrlich Version 8/23/2008 1...
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