Chemical Kinetics

Chemical Kinetics - Chemical Kinetics Report Author:...

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Unformatted text preview: Chemical Kinetics Report Author: Spencer Stewart Co-Investigator: Nicole Dibona Kara Lamack Kayla Ward Supervisor: Xiaoyan Tu Sponsoring Organization: Chemistry 104B Section 101 Date Experiment was Performed: 31 January 2008 Date Report was Submitted: 14 February 2008 Abstract By using Beer’s law and a spectrometer to measure changes in concentration during a reaction it was determined that the rate constant was roughly doubled when the concentration of bleach used in the reaction was quadrupled. The average k value for the experiment performed during the first week was 584.8/sec*M and 1181/sec*M for the second week. Introduction The objective of this experiment was to have students design a procedure for collecting kinetic data, perform quantitative dilutions accurately, use a spectrometer to observe changes in concentration during a kinetic experiment, and use experimental data to calculate the rate constant of a reaction. This was done by mixing solutions of red dye #40 with solutions of household bleach of different concentrations to determine the change in the rates of reactions. Experimental The procedures for this experiment can be found in the Fundamental Techniques of Chemistry , 6 th edition, author Seven L. Brown, Department of Chemistry, University of Arizona. Materials and Reagents All materials and reagents for this experiment were provided by the University of Arizona....
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/20/2008 for the course CHEM 104B taught by Professor Staff during the Spring '07 term at Arizona.

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Chemical Kinetics - Chemical Kinetics Report Author:...

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