Chemical Kinetics Pre-Lab

Chemical Kinetics Pre-Lab - with a pipette and adding them...

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Pre-Lab The dye that I plan to use in this experiment is Red Dye #40. I plan to dilute the dye in a 1 to 100 ratio by measuring the 1.00 mL of dye with a pipette and adding it to a volumetric flask then filling that flask to its 100.00 mL mark. For the first week I plan to dilute the bleach in a 1 to 100 ratio in the same manner as the dye. For the second week I plan to dilute the bleach in a 1 to 50 ratio by starting with 2.00 mL of bleach before adding the remaining distilled water to the solution. I expect to mix 2.00 mL of dye and bleach solutions. I plan to do this by measuring the solutions
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Unformatted text preview: with a pipette and adding them to the cuvette already in the spectrometer so there is no delay in collecting data. I plan to start recording the time as soon as the bleach is added to the dye in the cuvette. I plan to take measurements every 10 seconds for the first reaction and every 5 seconds for the second reaction. I will not be able to determine how long these reactions will last until I have performed at least one reaction...
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