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Spencer A. Stewart 27 March, 2008 Reaction Paper 6 “New Role Models for Men and Women?” This article begins by discussing the beginnings of Japanese television broadcasting. The article continues by reviewing the two main genres of prime-time television dramas, referred to as “home dramas” and “dramatic dramas”. Even though it is to be expected, I thought it was interesting that during the 70’s audiences began to lose their ability to relate to the dramas because the families depicted were too idealistic and writers had to up the drama with things like affairs. I also found it very interesting that these dramas tend to last about twelve one-hour long episodes. I don’t think that America has any television programming like it. Many of the dramas that I can think of have been running for decades (shows like “General Hospital”, “Days of Our Lives”, and “Guiding Light”).
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Unformatted text preview: I thought the section about the Japanese drama, “I’ve Always Loved You”, was really interesting as well. Especially because I don’t believe that American television tends to avoid such a serious tone when depicting overbearing mothers. The closest show I could think of was “Mama’s Family” but Mama wasn’t too demanding and was never made to appear very threatening. The other part that I found interesting was the section about male and female role-reversals. The paragraphs about the show “Papa’s Survival” reminded me a lot of the old 80’s movie “Mr. Mom”. In which Michael Keaton comes home from getting laid off and has to pick up the slack around the house after his wife gets a promotion at her job that has her traveling on business often....
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