Jap. Reaction Paper 7 - see the Emperor is difficult to...

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Spencer A. Stewart 04 April, 2008 Reaction Paper 7 A New Kind of Royalty I found it interesting that the author attempts to use the results of a 1957 survey of Japanese citizens to suit his own message. In the article, he says that, “only 51 percent of respondents agreed that ‘Japan without the Emperor is inconceivable’”. It does not say that 49 percent wished to do away with the Emperor or that they were unhappy with that status of the Emperor. The quote merely says that 49 percent of the people interviewed found the notion of Japan without the Emperor conceivable. Another interesting point was the level of celebrity that the Emperor attained in Post-War Japan. That seventeen people were crushed to death in a mob of people trying to
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Unformatted text preview: see the Emperor is difficult to understand in American culture. Then again, American leaders have always had a sense of celebrity about them. Even with George Washington, American Presidents have been popular icons to the American people. To think that people were actually trampled to death to see a leader like the President is crazy. It is also unimaginable now, that the media hype surrounding the crown-princes wedding doubled the number of televisions owned in Japan. Every fact about the media and television boom that happened around the crown-princes wedding is absolutely shocking....
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Jap. Reaction Paper 7 - see the Emperor is difficult to...

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