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Indigo Synthesis Lab Lab Partners: None Course: Chem 104B Instructor: Wenzhou Li Dates Work Performed: 4/8/08, 4/1/08 Author: Austin Kelly Abstract Experiment was a success. %Yield was 538.85% of original amount used. The theoretical yield was 0.00157mols of indigo carmine as the actual experimental yield was 0.00846mols indigo carmine. The cloth that was dyed turned out with the intended different colors of blue instead of green like the other student’s cloths. No real errors in this lab. Absorbance Spectroscopy used.
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Introduction The organic molecule known as Indigo, has been used for thousands of years to dye cloth and different types of fabric. The indigo molecule is taken from the indigo plant that produces it. Although the molecule has been widely used for many years, it was not until 1856 when Sir William Henry Perkins developed a way to synthetically create the molecule. A commercial process to create the molecule in mass amounts was not introduced to the world for another 41 years after it was able to be created synthetically. The Indigo Synthesis lab has been devised to do just that. It will teach us how to synthesize indigo using one of many methods known to man without actually growing the plant that it is derived from. The process that we will be using to create our own indigo is known as a quick and easy process and produces the sought after molecule in a very high yield. This reaction is between 2 nitro-benzaldehyde and acetone in the presence of a particularly strong base (which is sodium hydroxide in this case).
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/20/2008 for the course CHEM 104B taught by Professor Staff during the Spring '07 term at Arizona.

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Indigo Synthesis Lab - Indigo Synthesis Lab Lab Partners...

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