Term Paper #2 Murderers Madmen and Exchanging Glances

Term Paper #2 Murderers Madmen and Exchanging Glances -...

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German 2501-Fall 2007 Term Paper #2 Confronting an Evil Past Through Literature After World War II, Germany was unable to directly confront its Nazi past. Many writers tried to start the healing process using stories. Two such writers were Christa Wolf and Ingeborg Bachmann. They wrote two short stories entitled “Exchanging Glances” and “Among Murderers and Madmen.” Both were aimed at facing up to Germany’s unscrupulous past in different ways with a few common threads. The narrative strategies, points of view, tone, symbolism, and imagery were all important aspects of the stories. In “Among Murderers and Madmen” and “Exchanging Glances,” there is a stream of consciousness style of writing. Both are relevant in two separate ways. In “Among Murderers and Madmen,” the narrator is drunk and in a state of confusion for parts of the story. The only parts that are clear are the anti-war and anti-Nazi paragraphs. The rest seem to be jumbled and uncalculated. It is to show the reader that the only thing that is for sure in the war and Nazi era is the brutality of World War II Germany. The story seems to have little plot and order. The two parts that stick out are when the narrator is remembering how Herz’s brother confronted him
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about where he was during the Nazi years and when the stranger comes in and tells of his need to murder. Both are opposing the war and how Germans acted during Hitler’s regime. When the narrator is recalling the interrogation by Herz’s brother,
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Term Paper #2 Murderers Madmen and Exchanging Glances -...

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