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Review Exam2 S08 - CMN 457 S08 Exam 2 Review Sheet CMN 457...

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CMN 457 S08 Exam 2 Review Sheet CMN 457 S 08: Introduction to Interpersonal Communication Review Lectures Weeks 13 - 17 (1/22 to 2/26); Chapters 7, 8, 9 Helpful hints: All lecture slides cover material that will potentially be on the exam . For a lot of exam questions, I look at a lecture slide and think, “How can I make a multiple choice question out of this?”. Some questions will be simply definitional (i.e., choose the correct definition out of four possibilities), but most will involve application in some way. This is where class attendance, taking good lecture notes, and reading the text closely will pay off. I will also draw on some concepts from the reading not directly discussed in class, especially as these relate to major class themes. I especially like to take questions from the gray research boxes. I will also be drawing questions from the weekly online communication tests. The Review Sheet covers the major areas that you will be tested on, but it is not a substitute for careful review. Use it to test your recall of important course themes. It will be helpful, too, to think of examples for each question as I will tend to test you on concepts through the use of examples. If you get stuck, look up the lecture slide + your notes. You may also look on blackboard in the discussion section to see if your classmates can help out. Week 7, Lectures 13 and 14: Role Competence, CH. 7, All of the questions were taken from lecture slides and from the readings. Roles are a set of behaviors (ways we dress, act, and speak) and expectations associated with a culturally approved identity. Roles are the way we position ourselves in relation to others: depending on who we are with, we may be a scientist, a mother, a teacher, a
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Review Exam2 S08 - CMN 457 S08 Exam 2 Review Sheet CMN 457...

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