Assault Weapons are a Menace

Assault Weapons are a Menace - obtaining such weapons....

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Michael Klingensmith Comp and Rhetoric Thursday, August 31 Mr. Steiner Assault weapons are horrific firearms used for war and terrorist attacks. The author said that assault weapons are, “unnecessary for hunting or sport,” and that’s a true statement. I also find that since the ban was lifted in 2004 the number of crimes committed with assault rifles has drastically risen. The NRA and president Bush are the culprits at hand, but you can’t blame congress for the acts of few who choose to cause such chaos. Michael Kennedy had nine guns hidden throughout his house. Teenagers should not be able to gain access to firearms so easily. Despite the fact that the assault weapon ban was lifted there should still have been guidelines and regulations for
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Unformatted text preview: obtaining such weapons. Certain strides must be taken to prevent such tragedies. There will always be crime and racism in our world, and people will continue to use assault weapons for hate-crimes and murders. The government however must set down concrete regulations to make it more difficult for any random person to go out and buy an assault weapon. When one chooses to buy such an assault rifle the government should closely watch and spec tate their actions, the patriot act grants them the right to do this. You cannot blame guns for the death of Detective Vicky O Armel, you can only blame Michael Kennedy and those who were involved in selling the firearm to the teenager....
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