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CSE 215 Spring 2008 Homework 3 Due in Recitation on Wed. Feb 27, at the beginning. Late homework will NOTbeaccepted. Also we do not accept HW via an e-mail. Staple you homework. Loose pages with paper clips will not be accepted. Write you name, ID, course and section number etc. on the first (cover) page. Some points are reserved for this. This page should not contain anything else. Handwritten homework is acceptable. Not all questions will be graded. Answers to some exercises will be discussed in recitations and/or in class. One copyofthe book is on reserveinthe main library .Ifyou do not have the book, just xerox these pages. 1. Notes for Chapter 2 are on the webpage. For chapter 2, read pages 75-82, 88-92, 99-103, and 111-114. 2. Exam-1 is on March 6. List of topics will be discussed in class and posted on the webpage as well. From pages 86-90 the textbook do the following. 3. Q1(c, d), Q4(a, c), Q6(a, b), Q10 4. Q15 (rewrite a, b informally just once.)
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