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VIII. Judicial Board A. The judicial board of UW-Stouts Interfraternal Council shall be headed by the Vice President of IFC. He shall be accompanied by two justices and one alternate to be appointed by the president. B. IFC authorized and permanently establishes the Judicial Board to make any decision brought forth by the Judicial Board concerning the following: a. To Interpret and or enforce the constitution and by-laws of IFC and the University b. To set forth-disciplinary actions against chapters found in violation of
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Unformatted text preview: the constitution, by-laws, or the university policy. c. To establish precedent and maintain continuity of the action taken against member fraternities. d. Any decision may be appealed to council of all member chapter’s presidents by a 2/3 majority. C. The judicial board shall also be responsible for reviewing the IFC constitution and its by-laws and for preparing changes to be made in those governing articles....
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