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February 20, 2008 Energy Assignment 1: 1.) A list of all objects that use electricity in my room: a.) Television b.) Lamp c.) Light Fixture d.) Printer e.) Miniature Refrigerator f.) DVD Player g.) Cell Phone Charger h.) Lap Top Charger i.) Clock Radio 2.) The amount of energy (watts) each item uses: a.) Television= 300 watts/ .3kWh b.) Lamp= 75 watts/ .075kWh c.) Light Fixture= 75 watts/ .075kWh d.) Printer= 7.5 watts/ .0075 kWh (according to printer website) e.) Miniature Refrigerator= 350/ .35kWh watts f.) DVD Player= 100 watts/ .1kWh (according to DVD Player website) g.) Cell Phone Charger= 3 watts/ .003kWh (according to Product website) h.) Lap Top Charger= 60 watts/ .060kWh (according to Website) i.) Clock Radio= 3/ .003kWh watts
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Unformatted text preview: 3.) The amount of energy used each month for all the items combined : a.) Television= 120= 36kW b.) Lamp=105hrs= 7.875kW c.) Light Fixture= 192hours= 14.4kW d.) Printer= 720hrs= 5.4kW e.) Miniature Refrigerator= 720hrs= 252kW f.) DVD Player= 720hours= 72kW g.) Cell Phone Charger= 720hrs= 2.16kW h.) Lap Top Charger= 720hrs= 43.2kW i.) Clock Radio used 720 hrs. = 2.16kW TOTAL USEAGE= 435.195 kW/ 435,195Watts 4.)What is the typical cost of electricity in Durham, NH: a.) US Census Bureau: Per capita consumption of electricity in homes 2001: 3,009 kWh. b.) According to PSNH: 13.9 cents per kW c.) 418.25?, hard to find average due to the amount of variables involved....
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