Intro to cross exam 1 study guide

Intro to cross exam 1 study guide - Intro to cross-cat...

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Intro to cross-cat study guide exam 1 1. What can you say about the needs of students who are at-risk compared to regular ed. students? At risk hove more needs then regular ed. students, but have similar needs as regular students and special ed. students. 2. Students with mild disabilities often develop what when they have school failure? Self-esteem, inappropriate social behaviors, learned helplessness. 3. How do we refer to children with disabilities? Person 1 st 4. What is not a good reason to use or have disability labels? Stigmatize groups- encourage handicappism 5. Describe PL 99-457 Ed. Act for handicap, extend 3-5yrs, provide services for preschoolers 6. Asylums came into use in the 1700s and 1800s largely in order to… Protect society from those with disabilities. 7. An important new trend by the end of the 1800s was that of: Treatment in intuitions for those with disabilities and mental disabilities. 8. The rapid and significant changes in services between 1950-75 were largely the result of: Disabilities right movement and parent advocacy movement. 9. The first legislation to convey specific rights to children with disabilities was: Section 504 of rehabilitation act 10. In general, civil rights for people with disabilities have been achieved by what sequence of activities?. ..hint…advocacy? Advocacy, litigation, legislation.
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Intro to cross exam 1 study guide - Intro to cross-cat...

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