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Kinesthetic Learners - Move around when studying Hold on to...

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Kinesthetic Learners Definition: of or related to the sensation of bodily movement These students will learn better with hands on projects. Learning comes through touching and physical sensation. Demonstration or application works better than words to illustrate ideas. Kinesthetic learners will learn all or nothing of the material. Study Tips for Someone that is a Kinesthetic Learner Attach an award to studying. (ex candy)
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Unformatted text preview: Move around when studying. Hold on to the book, when reading, rather then lay it on the table. Use your fingers and name off what you are studying. Role play with a study partner. Kinesthetic Used at an early age.--- Move and touch everything--- Songs used to help learn. Like the planets or the Alphabet In the Classroom Teachers can teach by using: • Labs • Skits • Field Trips • Plays...
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