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Scoring Rubric for Guided Reading Lesson for Second-grade Students Teacher Candidate: Sherri Derks Peer Evaluator: Tiffany Dentlinger Date Submitted: March 13, 2008 Remember: Both you and your peer must complete this evaluation form. Otherwise, -5 points. Evaluators Criteria Points Possible Self Peer Instruct or 1. Correctly completed the General Information Section on the lesson plan 2 2 2 2. Modified readers theater script and other activities so that they are appropriate for assigned students 12 12 12 3 Used Microsoft Word to create student copies of the readers theater script, with each child’s part highlighted in color 4 4 4 4. Anticipatory set: Clear introduction and creative activity directly related to the script, concrete item used to grab students' attention and hook them on the readers theater script 4 4 4 5. Skills/strategies: Clearly introduced, taught, and modeled fluent oral reading in a minilesson, then had students practice using hands-on activity (readers theater script) 8 8 8 6. Vocabulary presentation: Identified five-seven words and made a sentence strip and card for each word, or created a practice page, or had students match the words and picture definitions. Reminded students and modeled at least one decoding strategy: Does it look right? Does it sound right? Does it make sense? 8 8 8 7. Included choral reading and echo reading of the readers theater script 5 5 5 8. Planned for guided reading of the script by individual students: determined who would read each role, described what to do when an unknown word is encountered by the student 4 4 4 9. Comprehension questions: Developed quality comprehension questions based on Barrett's Taxonomy related to the readers theater script. Developed enough questions to check for understanding for each student in the group. 6 6 6 10. Accurately labeled each comprehension question (literal, inference, evaluation, appreciation) 6 6 6 11. Created and taught hands-on creative follow-up activities related to readers theater script that focused on sequencing 6 6 6 12. Closure: Clearly stated closure, included questions reflecting script and skills 5 5 5 13. Reflection: Made notes using the scoring rubric provided; participated in grand conversation 50 50 50 14. Minus one point for each error in standard English, up to five points 15. (If scoring rubric is missing, minus 5 points) Total 120 120
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Scoring Rubric for Handwriting Sample 2 (Guided Reading Lesson) Name: Sherri Derks Peer Evaluator: Date Submitted: Remember: Both you and your peer must complete the scoring rubric. Otherwise, -5 points. Evaluators Criteria Points Possible Self Peer Instructor 1. Write D'Nealian manuscript penmanship thank you notes to the Eugene Field classroom teacher and students for participating in guided reading lesson. Use Bobby Bearcat stationary provided by the instructor. Did not put the thank you notes in envelopes. Make sure each thank you note to the students is worded differently (personalized). 4
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sheri's lesson plan - Scoring Rubric for Guided Reading...

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