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*1. Four different methods of sampling: Simple Random, Systematic, Stratified, and Cluster - Simple Random Sample: Basic probability sampling design that gives each of the N. Sampling units of the population an equal and non-zero probability of selection (using Table of Random Digits in Appendix up, down, or across, the direction does not matter as long as it is consistent). - Systematic Sampling: Much easier and more economic than random sample, Every Kth unit is selected for the sample and divide size of population by desired sample size. K is called sampling method. -Stratified: The grouping of units composing and population into homogeneous groups, before sampling decreases probable sampling error. -Cluster: Natural groups are sampled initially with members of each group being sub- sampled afterward. Vs. college and university from directory gets list of students at all selected schools, then draw samples of students from each. 2. Logic of probability sampling and sampling error Logic of probability sampling: pg 187- Ultimate goal of any sampling method is representativeness when the aggregate characteristics of the sample closely resemble those same aggregate characteristics in the population. The sample is representative Sample characteristics. Statistics Population characteristics. Parameters Sampling Error: The degree of error to be expected in probability sampling. 3 factors: the parameter, sample size, and standard error. 3. Distribution of sampling error:
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research meth - *1 Four different methods of sampling...

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