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St. Augustine of Hippo (N. Africa, current Algeria) 4 th -5h c. On Free Choice of the will - ‘problem of evil’ The problem? Theodicy- preserve God’s justice The logical problem of evil. Evodius- “isn’t God the cause of evil?” Epicurus- Q. Lactantus ‘Se Ira Dei’ Divine attributes Christian 1 st principles 1. Omniscient (all-knowing)- God knows about evil- past, present, future 2. Omnipotent(all-powerful)- God can fix or prevent evil 3. Omni benevolent (all-good)- God would fix “ “ + 4. Evil exists = contradiction- God doesn’t exist God could prevent evil actions by forcing people to do the right thing all the time, but they wouldn’t be good. The best sort of world is one with free rational creatures and its still better than a puppet/robot world even with the evil. Two kinds of evil- suffered and committed
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Unformatted text preview: God punishes evil Why doesn’t God prevent evil since He can? Free choice is necessary for goodness in rational beings. But, free choice opens up the possibility/ potential for evil because free will can make bad choices-Choosing a lesser good above the greatest good has the original sin Evil P erversion-misuse of a good thing P rivation- a lack of a good that should be there P arasite- evil requires a pre-existent good to either lessen (privation) or pervert but you can have perfect goodness without evil. JS Findlay Why not create beings that always freely choose the good Swinburne replies no-God’s honestly-preventing evil actions with lead to psychological det. Or lead to God being deceptive. Problem of Divine Force knowledge and future contingents...
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