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Stem Cell Research #1 - Chris Silva Rough Draft Paper 2 The...

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Chris Silva Rough Draft Paper 2 The idea of stem cell research has become a very prominent political and spiritual controversy. According to Alikani (2007), “The inner cell mass of the human blastocyst contains cells that are pluripotent. When they are isolated from the surrounding trophectoderm and placed under the right conditions in vitro , they are able to differentiate into all cell types in the adult body.” Even though that this process has the potential to diminish suffering, the US government has not given it very much attention and consideration. This process has become extremely divisive. Some argue that stem cell research should be prohibited because it takes the value out of life, while others feel that it is immoral because an embryo is still a human life and should be protected. The argument of stem cell research is comparable to that of evolution, because they are both argued through religious views. It has been increasingly difficult to fund stem cell research because of President George Bush. Bush has rejected advice from both the Director of the NIH and from the Surgeon General. Bush’s religious beliefs have driven him to feel that we live in a culture where we recognize the image of the creator in every human life (Alikani). Because of these mixed views, funding has been minimal for the research of this subject. One theory on the controversy that has arisen is to devote all possible resources to find a different source rather than fight for the controversial one. One of the members from the President’s Council on Bioethics advocates the use of
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Stem Cell Research #1 - Chris Silva Rough Draft Paper 2 The...

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