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1.24.Paul Fussell

1.24.Paul Fussell - War as the new reality Chapter 3 The...

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Paul Fussell, The Great War and Modern Memory Purpose: Analyze literature to assess the cultural impact of the war. Method: recount the events and then examine how they were remembered Chapters1-4 Examines themes, genres, and language that arose in response to the war experience. Chapters 5-8 look at individual memoirs to consider how the ideas above play through. Chapter 1 All wars are ironic The War Itself Battles, especially Marne and Somme Themes Loss of innocence Change from 19 th century War as a Game Memory Chapter 2 Trench Warfare – The Idea of Endless War The War 25,000 miles of trenches waiting to break-through British trenches haphazard Expectation protection and efficiency Life in the trenches: Stand-to Stand-down Trench and sky is all Themes Ironically alters understanding of sunrise and sunset Irony of being so close to home Postal service Censorship “Boarding School” gifts
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Unformatted text preview: War as the new reality Chapter 3 The Idea of Adversarial Positions WE/THEY Chapter 4 Coping with War New Myths and the Ironic Appropriation of Old Mythologies Myths Agincourt angels Contemptible little army German accusation The Wild Men Mystical number 3 The Golden Virgin Albert Cathedral Sacrifice Mercy Gods disappearance Romance Quest Well at the End of the World Pilgrims Progress David Jones, Parenthesis Attempt to impose meaning through traditional imagery = irony Chapter 6 Theatre of War Contrast between military life and real life British class system everyone a role to play Shakespeare HENRY V Extended analysis of Robert Graves war memoir Good-bye to all That. Chapter 9 (not assigned) The Persistence of World War I in Modern Memory...
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1.24.Paul Fussell - War as the new reality Chapter 3 The...

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