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Criminal Law Review -If you run out into traffic, not through the crosswalk, you will probably get charged w/ manslaughter or negligent homicide -under most US jurisdictions if you shoot someone and they die much later there is no time limitation. You can still be charged w/ murder if you die a year and a day later. -under the felony murder rule, if you have found safe haven after the commission of a felony-that will get you off the hook if a felony is committed by someone in your party later. -for a heat of passion defense to work, the act must be reasonable -Know the agency theory for the Final in the E&E book -under the MPC if you have the mens rea to kill someone but kill someone else you are guilty for murder -it’s only a legal impossibility if the person is confused -under the MPC you cannot be convicted of conspiracy to commit murder and murder
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Unformatted text preview: because conspiracy is an inchoate offense.-if you have AIDS but continue on w/ protected sex and don’t tell your partners there is no causation to the partners death if they die of AIDS-under the MPC if you commit a robbery because of extreme emotional disturbance, and accidentally kill someone you will be charged w/ manslaughter-Deterrence best describes the felony-murder doctrine-the MPC takes a subjective approach to inchoate offences -under Indiana law attempt liability requires specific intent to commit the crime-the complicity requirements for both the CL and the MPC require purpose when it comes to aiding the perpetrator’s conduct, but unlike the MPC, the CL requires actual physical or psychological assistance relatively...
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