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islam5 - J.J Davis RS 140 Islam Journal Entry"The First...

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J.J. Davis RS 140 Islam Journal Entry 9/29/07 “The First Ummah and the Challenge of Succession” This chapter has to do with the Succession of the Muslims after the Death of Muhammad. I feel this was a very important time in the Islamic religion because there was the possibility of it failing soon after the Muhammad died since he was the only one to initiate the reformed religion and he had not left any instructions on what he wanted to occur or how to run the religion. Once Muhammad had passed away, a group of people had gathered and named Abu Bakr as the “deputy” of the prophet meaning he would have to carry out all of the same duties as Muhammad once had carried out which meant he had enormous shoes to fill. I believe this is so important because everyone can relate to a situation such as this. For example, when a president of the United States is assassinated, there has to be someone to step up and fill in the shoes. Only this is easier because there
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