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J.J. Davis RS 140 Islam Journal Entry 9/6/07 “The Language of Heaven” While reading “The Language of Heaven” chapters in the book, I have noticed many points of interest to me that are very important to the pre-Islamic Arabs. The most interesting point I read was how the Arabs praised camels. The Arabs would write poetry on camels more than they would about women and the word camel even means “beautiful” and another 1000 or so words that mean camel in Arabic. The Arabs praised camels so dearly because they were a desert civilization and they relied on water for life. The camel was able to travel great distances, with heavy loads through the desert to find water. The camel became a necessity for people living in inhospitable territory and was so numerous around Arabs that Arabs eventually became known as the “parasite of the camel”. I find this so interesting because we Americans can relate to Arabs love for camels somewhat with our love for oil.
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