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J.J. Davis RS 140 Islam Journal Entry 9/8/07 “The Practices of the Faithful” Overall, after reading this chapter in the book, I feel that it is both very important because it is about their five pillars of the Islamic faith and I also find it very interesting because I can relate it to the catholic rights of passage and Ten Commandments. The first pillar, “Salat”, basically says that as a Muslim, you must have faith in god, which is Muhammad. This is very similar the first commandment which states that you shall have no other gods besides your god. I find this very interesting because it shows how similar these two religions really are. The first pillar also states that Allah shall not be associated with anything else, which is like the second and third commandments which state you shall not believe in any other heavenly beings or compare yourself or anyone else to god and that you shall not take the lords name in vain. The second pillar is prayer and worship. To Muslims, this pillar is very important and must happen five times a day and
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