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J.J. Davis RS 140 Islam Journal Entry 9/22/07 “The Person of the Prophet” After reading through this chapter, I feel that the most important person in Islamic religion is Muhammad. Muslims cherish the story of Muhammad and how he became a prophet. Muhammad was born around 570 C.E. and soon after became an orphan due to the fact that his father before he was born and his mother passed away when he was only six. After the passing of his parents, Muhammad fell into the care of his uncle Abu Talib. Around 610 C.E., Muhammad began to have crazy dreams then he finally heard a voice telling him that he is the messenger of god. Muhammad originally thought he was going crazy until Gabriel came to Muhammad and explained to him that he is god’s prophet. Soon after, Muhammad began preaching Allah and the followers of Muhammad became Muslims. The Muslims began getting persecuted for their new views but they were protected by Christians and his powerful uncle Abu Talib. Around 619 the movement
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