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Stout chapter 1 - These differences lead to different...

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Anthropology is a holistic discipline which seeks to understand the entire human experience. In many ways each and every person on this planet faces the same problems…how to survive, how to get food, how to get along with others or even how to make sense of one's world. We find that there is no singular, correct answer to each of these questions but rather an enormous world of possibilities, complexities and oftentimes disagreements. In order to study the "entire human experience" what concepts must anthropologists employ and why are these core principles of value? Some of the key points that anthropologists must understand is the surrounds of every person is different.
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Unformatted text preview: These differences lead to different answers to the questions that they ask. Other things that are important to the understanding is how the individual was raised and brought up in his/her childhood. Ones culture is a major key in the “human experience” the difference of 20 miles can be about the same on life as 2000 miles. The last main point in understanding the “entire human experience” is human’s ability to accept change and adapt to the situation at hand....
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