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Stout chapter 3 - The history of Ethnography Anthropology...

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Ethnography is the keystone of cultural anthropology. In this week's reading response, please provide a detailed description of what the ethnographic method entails and its historical development. Additionally, what benefits and difficulties might you perceive in doing this type of work? Ethnography is the written description if the culture of a group of people based on anthropologists exploration. Anthropology has to be just as accurate as any other science. Ways that anthropologists do is this is by there fieldwork and studies. Some ways that the studies can be made are, becoming part of the culture that you are looking at interviewing people both structured and unstructured. One other way that anthropologist gathers information is that they stand back and not mix with the culture. Simply take down notes of things that are happening at the moment and analyze them at a later time.
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Unformatted text preview: The history of Ethnography Anthropology did not really start officially until the late 1800’s. The concept of fieldwork and studies did not hold a value until much later. At the start of studding human behavior there was no need for large scale studies and tests, anthropologists concentrated on small scale societies that had been well established before the large, technologically advanced European culture. Decades later the “fieldwork” became a task that the amateurs did. Many anthropologists were travelers, explorers, missionaries and colonial officers who kept a diary of what they saw in their adventures. The new theories then were formed by so called “armchair anthropologists” who have not done any fieldwork just voiced there opinion on work that the amateurs had done....
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