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Stout Chapter 8 - Marriage is commonly held as an...

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Marriage is commonly held as an expression of public commitment to one's partner, a declaration of love and devotion, or a foundation of the family unit. Most anthropologists, however, view marriage and family from a much more functionalist perspective. In this week's reading response, please fully explain the anthropological perspective of marriage and family. Please make sure to reference ethnographic and personal examples throughout your response. Marriage is a silent vow between two people and God. Traditionally when a couples gets married they go before the religious figure in there lives and before God to seal the love and devotion between them. That is different then the ways of today. A large number of people still follow the traditional ways, but the other portions of people get married in other fashions. Some people choose the option of eloping, just the two getting married, an attorney, and a witness. Another common wedding is just a few family members, and a state appointed marriage official.
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