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Before the break, we learned about Subsistence Strategies (i.e., how a society transforms their environmental resources in order to produce the goods they need to survive). Economic systems, builds on the idea of subsistence strategies. What are some of the motivating features of the economic systems of food foragers, tribal peoples, and modern nations? How are these systems similar? How are they different? Please be sure to cite ethnographic examples where appropriate. Every society needs some sort of economic footing to survive and prosper. No matter where the culture is, no matter how they live on a day to day basis. No matter the monitory value there is some way that good can be acquired. Resources are dived up differently among the members of society. Foragers in some tribes gamble items, these men to not gamble away items that are essential for survival for example their bow and arrows, and their land. An economic look on a foraging society is very simple, members trade goods for other items
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