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Alexandra Hacherl RA Comm Class May 12, 2007 My Personality Type ~ INFP When I took the Purdue personality test in the last class we had, my results came out showing the traits of an INFP (Introvert Intuitor Feeler Perceiver) Some of these descriptions make perfect sense to me but there is one in particular that I was surprised by. The fact I was placed as an introvert as opposed to an extrovert. I have almost always been an outgoing person so to be labeled as an introvert was an odd feeling. It’s not bad at all; I just figured I’d be an extrovert instead. But when I read into what an INFP means as a whole, my placement as an introvert doesn’t have to do with interaction among people. I am considered an introvert because I like my alone time every once in awhile. This is good for being an RA because I can use that quiet time away from people to do work for my job, homework and just relax. I guess I don’t have to be hanging out with people all the time, even though I do enjoy others company a lot. The N in my title stands for Intuitor, meaning one who uses their intuition.
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