Chapter 4 - Island PSY 150 1 Lecture Outline 4(Ch 4 Week 3...

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Island, PSY 150, 1 Lecture Outline 4 (Ch. 4) Week 3 and 4: September 12 - 17 These outlines are of value for two reasons: 1.) they act as concept maps of how topics/people relate to one another within psychology. This is important so that you can conceptualize psychology, not simply by memorizing facts (which is ineffective in learning Psychology—throw out the index cards!), but to assimilate the material to allow you to apply the concepts in everyday situations. 2.) This outline also affords you an opportunity to add text material or your own ideas into the format. CAUTION : I urge you NOT to include definitions. To be effective, this outline should act as a study guide, if you need definitions, go to the book or your notes (include page numbers if you want them as a reference next to headings). I. BIOLOGICAL PSYCHOLOGY A. Nervous Systems 1. Peripheral a. Somatic (aka “skeletal”) b. Autonomic i. Sympathetic (during activity) ii. Parasympathetic (during rest) 2. Central a. Spinal cord b. Brain B. Cell Types of the CNS 1. Glial Cell (pl. “glia”) 2. Neuron (pl. “neurons”) – See IMAGE 1 Types: a. Motor b. Sensory c. Interneurons Structures a. Soma b. Dendrites i. Dendritic spines c. Axon i. Axon hillock ii. Myelin sheath iii. Nodes of Ranvier
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Chapter 4 - Island PSY 150 1 Lecture Outline 4(Ch 4 Week 3...

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